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If you have just opened a company and you are short on money to buy or rent an office, then this is the best solution for you; coworking spaces. These are the kind of offices that rent out a portion of the office so that you can start your office as well. This sounds like a good idea but this is also a kind of idea that will save a lot of money and it benefits both the companies as well in different terms. But just like everything, this thing has its own disadvantages a well. One of many is that you get to face the tech headaches and hassles as well. To understand this, consider this example that you have a company that does graphic designing and you are working with a company who does all the selling of crockery. Now every now and then they take your tech stuff like mouse pads or mouse or even keyboards just saying that they need it for a couple of minutes or hours and you can even refuse them out of good will because you will be working with for some years or until the contract has ended. So, bearing such things can be hard for many people, it is just like testing someone’s patients.

Another disadvantage is the lack of privacy. For example, you are about to sign a contract and you want to keep it personal, but having the other company’s employees sit right next to you is a very problematic thing. And let’s say that they don’t have anything to do with your contract but the other office employees keep making noise or say things that are distracting you and your client. This can leave a very bad impact on the client. There are many banks who don’t give loans or any financial aid to the businesses that are on sharing bases. They don’t give because, the party might leave the contract at any day and the bankers then keep finding the people who have taken loan. And because of same reason many office owners make sure that they don’t use any kind of office papers for loan sanction verification. And sometimes the lack of infrastructure creates different problems for both the sharers of the office. There are different business centers in UAE and different business centers in business bay Dubai.