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Businesses now need websites and every website has its price. there are many people who just run their websites and they need to work on it, day and night and at some point, their websites get famous.

Meaning to say that people visit the site more often and they spend more time there, then the that site is of worth. You must be wondering that how that site can be of money worth. Well, that site must have AdSense turned on which means that the site is making money for the person who owns it.

There are different web development companies in Dubai that make good sites and in cheap price, like Arabic SEO by United SEO, and the benefit is that even if the website is made expensive, one can always work on it and earn double of the amount that he or she has invested. If you always had an idea in mind about making online but you only have met some fraud people, then we suggest that you get a website of your own. And if you don’t know which kind of website is best then we suggest you keep reading because here, you will know about the most expensive websites in the world and may be you will get an idea of what you can make;

This site was to be sold one of the most expensive sites in the world ever sold. It was sold in 35 million dollars in 2007 and till now it is said to be the biggest deals in the digital world in those days.

This was one number second regarding the selling scene. In 2012, it was sold in 31 million dollars. And now it is double the money.

Even though, as compared to the above two sites, this was sold in lesser amount but still it was said to be third highest deal ever made in 2009 and it was sold in 18 million dollars.

Sites make so much money that the CEO of this site hired a team of 20 people who worked on it day and night and the CEO put 2 million on the team and he sold it in 18 million dollars in 2015.

This site is all about insurance. And it was said to be the fourth biggest deal because it was sold in 16 million dollars in 2009.