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Reasons why abayas are the best

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Wearing abaya isn’t as bad as expected by the non-muslim women as there are so many great things about having to cover your head and wear a long cloak around the city when you are out and about. Not everyone can relate to those amazing things but we believe the following reasons will convince you as to why Abaya’s are so great.

  • Imagine the endless possibilities which your scarf can help you with. Are you having a bad hair day? A haircut gone wrong? Hair dye which you seem to regret for the rest of your life? Roots showing up? Or just not feeling like brushing your extremely tangled hair for days? There’s one solution to everything which is to wrap your head in a scarf.
  • You think your figure is not as flaunting as you expected it to look like? Well, you have your Abaya dress Dubai to help you in hiding the extra bloating tummy.
  • Not everyone looks picture perfect when they go for simple grocery shopping but looking presentable is necessary. One of the best ways to hide your grubby shabby look is by throwing on a beautiful abaya and not caring about what’s underneath it.
  • You have bought your favourite anarkali party wear online and you look great in it, but when it comes to having food, you spill most of the sauces over your dress which is not exactly a great look. You can hide those stains by covering it up with your abaya and you will be good to go.
  • This one is the most practical one: your bathrobe is in the wash yet you want it really bad? Well, how about considering the option of wearing abaya around the house? no one is going to find out what is going underneath it.
  • Now that you don’t have to worry about your grubby clothes underneath – for any occasion, you can save on clothes and spend on shoes because that is the best kind of investment as one of the first things noticed about a person’s dressing is his shoes.
  • And finally, black is the go to colour for anyone because it isn’t only chic but also have a slimming effect on your body. You can easily fool anyone with black abaya on.