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The Worst Kitchen Ideas

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People who want to remodel their home often take the kitchen renovation way to easy. But what they don’t know is when guests are coming in your home, the first thing they notice is the kitchen and if you have a crooked and a weird looking kitchen, most people will judge you. We understand that there might be your personal preference but it is our duty to inform the people who want different suggestions for the best ideas. We have come up with a list which people actually implemented those and people actually found them the worst. The first one can become a cliché as well, a couple madly in love made sure that when they cook, they get the right chemistry and they came up with the idea of getting their wedding pictures on ceramic of the kitchen on the walls. But the news came out they got divorced and the owner had to blur the faces.

You must be a nature person and that why you must be having some small plants in your kitchen but there was a lady who put more than many plants in her kitchen and one day her house was flooded with grasshoppers because in some seasons, the grasshoppers fly from different continents in search to stay warm and to look for food.

The tile of the kitchen matters a lot because it brings out the look of the kitchen. A tile of the kitchen can say a lot about a kitchen and that is what actually happened. A couple designed a beautiful kitchen but they selected a very strange looking tile. The tile was of granite and that tile had dalmatian spots on it. To some it looked nice, but since it never looked dirty, it didn’t mean that it was not dirty, at one time, someone slipped off the tile and had faux molds all over his shirt. It turned out that they never cleaned the floor and the faux mold got disguised in the spots.

There are many kitchens designed in UAE, where people have less space for the apartment when they pay less for the space. Some people managed to fix the washing machines in the kitchen which is very dangerous and it doesn’t fit anyway. But you can get any kind of modern kitchen and have the best kitchen island as well.