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After taking admission in one of the best universities in UAE you need to be more vigilant about the choice of your major and minor subjects. You have to select them carefully while taking care of your interest. You can get the admission in Bachelor of business administration and get to know about the business and what people are doing to go to the top of the market. You will know how companies will get more market share and more profit from the little resources they already have with them. Here are a few subjects which you will learn during your degree:

Finance: It is one of the main subjects you will have to learn in your degree because a business man should have known about how to generate more finances and how to utilize the previous ones. In this subject you need to do calculations so you have to learn it with interest otherwise you will never know about what is going on in that. There is nothing to just learn by heart, you have to understand the concept and then learn how and where to use the appropriate formula.

Accounting: You will learn about his subject at the beginning of your degree but in most of the universities it is divided in to smaller parts to separate the different types of it. In this way students will get to know about it more and they will learn easily. You will have to do more calculations in that and know how to keep the records of all the money trails of your company.

Management: Management is a skill which is necessary for every business. Management role is to stay on the track to achieve the goals. If the management is not good and there are glitches in the strategies they made then the company will never grow or even the company will be gone to zero and then owner has to terminate that, all because if bad management ideas. In MBA degree you will get to know about this subject too and how to manage your workers n a good way. You need to take care of them and get the required work from them in a way that they will think you are their only well-wisher. When you give them importance and value their work, they work loyally.