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There was a time when people used to say that America is a country of dreams but now that has long gone and it is taken over by Dubai. If you are in Dubai for a whole year, it is guaranteed that in every month, you will see an event happening. If you are going to Dubai and you want to make your trip memorable in every way then we got the latest calendar of 2020 by one of the top event management companies in UAE. If you are a party animal, then the following events are the kind of that you should and must attend;

One of the many famous festivals is the International Jazz Festival. As obvious from the name, here, you can listen to different singers from all around the world. You must be wondering that it will be very hot in Dubai and dancing and partying will get you drained, then we have a good news for you and that is it is held at the end of the February each year and, in this month, the temperature is somewhat chill. This is held in Dubai Media City and many people visit this event from all around the world.

If you are looking for a classy event, then the calendar says that you should go to the Dubai International Boat Show. This is held for almost 15 days between end of February to the mid of March. More than 30,000 people gather there and different companies show off their boats and yachts. Many super rich buy them right there and then and you can also party on any of the boats but you have to pay for the entry. But it is a one of a kind experience.

If you are a foodie then the calendar says that you should wait for the Dubai Food Festival. And here, chefs from all around the world gather at regular restaurants and they make the most amazing cuisines. You must be thinking that those foods will be expensive but the good news is that they offer their food at very low rates.

If you are a shopaholic, then make sure to go to Dubai in July because that is the month where all the shopping malls have mega sales. Visit for more details.