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The types of stands or tables used in exhibitions are made upon common templates. If you’ve ever been to an exhibition you must’ve noticed them resembling one another in a way although some stands are innovative and unique which normally takes time to form. Your budget plays an important role another thing that significantly affects is your branding goal, location and space contribute to the stand design.

There are multiple types of stands for you to choose such as

Shell Scheme Stands

They’re a great option for when you are on a tight budget and don’t have the time to put in effort in crafting the perfect design for your table. It’s a basic row stand with no way for you to customize, show organizers often provide wall panels and carpeting.

Bare Space Stands

This is when the exhibitor rents a blank floor space as their stand, these provide the highest amount of building bespoke exhibition stands, with bare space stands you have the liberty to experiment with different and unique designs.

Row Stands

Row stands are stacked one after the other, these stands have a common wall space between one another, only one of the sides in this type of stands are open which normally faces the hallway depending on the person designing your stand.

Two Corner Stands

This type of stand is connected from one wall, this type of stand-in similar to corner stands but offers more creativity allowing your stand to stand out.

Island Stands

Said to be the most expensive type of stand but are defiantly worth the money as their the most eye-catching ones out there. Open on all four sides allowing your stand to be seen from everywhere they also have plenty of room for building sections through this feature you can engage with multiple clients at the same.

So, these are a few types of exhibition tables. You can get them from any company that provides chairs and tables for rent in Dubai. Many of the companies provide the tables for cheap. You don’t have to worry about its arrangement because their workers arrange. The workers drop the tables and pick them from your place before and after the function. All you have to do is to call at the company, use any of their services and pay them money to get the furniture.

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