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Using different suppliers for your chemical needs

Using different suppliers for your chemical needs

If you need a large supply of chemicals for your business operations, a number of chemical manufacturing companies in Dubai are ready to work with you. And you will find that working with a number of suppliers keeps your business running smoothly. You may find a manufacturer or supplier who is offering all of the products and services that you need, but many businesses find that they need to work with more than one supplier so that the orders can be fulfilled and run efficiently. But, do you know which supplier to choose to work with, and if there is a way to choose suppliers that actually complement each other? Take into consideration a few factors when choosing suppliers that meets your needs and probably coordinates with your other providers.

If you’re using a chemical manufacturer in one country and a supplier from another, look at their delivery and manufacturing times before placing an order. Choosing two companies that offer similar wait and delivery times, you know that you’ll receive your chemicals from both companies around the same time. This helps to increase efficiency greatly when planning orders or products. Time might vary based on the order size and difficulty, but it’s much easier to work with two different suppliers having a similar delivery system than those two companies whose products ship a month or more apart.

Many companies elect to use just one service provider but when you choose to work with more than one manufacturer you may want to use a wholesaler to act as an intermediary. The wholesalers provide you some appropriate manufacturers to get the best prices on your products. Wholesalers are familiar with various manufacturers and know which ones offer reputable chemical services and are able to suggest which manufacturers to use.

When you work with a wholesaler, it gives you the benefit of having one contact point should something arrive damaged or you need to make a return. Policies vary company to company, so by having a wholesale supplier who works with different manufacturers makes it easier to make an adjustment such as a return.

Despite the number of companies you work with to supply your chemicals or lubricant additives, make sure each one of them understand your chemical needs and demonstrate a commitment to quality and customer service.